Teaching Methods

ATA Camp 2017 058The method of cookie cutter teaching does not work very well.  People are complex.  Students are very similar in many ways but are different enough that as instructors, we can’t teach them all with the same method.  Fortunately, teaching is built into our training system.  A white belt that has been studying Tang Soo Do in the American Tang Soo Do Association for only a few months can be asked to teach a brand new white belt a couple of simple techniques.  Thus, the seed of teaching is planted.  As students progress through the ranks they are exposed to teaching more complex techniques.  They also are allowed to teach lower ranking students who may have a greater variety of needs.   By the time they reach black belt they have succeeded many times at teaching students’ complicated needs.  As black belts progress through the black belt ranks they have a greater opportunity to be challenged by teaching students which have learning needs they may not have encountered before.  However, these less experienced black belts have resources. Mentoring is also built into our training system.  Higher ranking black belts are there to guide the less experienced black belts.  The teacher/student bond is even stronger at this level of training.  With this bond other students can be assured they will get their needs met no matter how different their learning style may be.


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