Adult Classes

Adult Karate Classes

Tang Soo Do offers an incredible workout. It strengthens the body and increases flexibility. Tang Soo Do offers practical and effective self-defense skills for men, women, and children by covering long and close and ground fighting. It redirects the opponents energy using it against him.

Tang Soo Do teaches you to develop using your mind, body and spirit as one.

The ‘Adult Friendly’ Tang Soo Do Curriculum is designed to progressively advance the student from White Belt level to Black Belt level using martial arts, fitness and self-defense techniques and principles. Master Di Scipio  and other Certified Black Belt Instructor will lead and encourage you through every class.

You will learn  martial arts and as an added benefit lose weight and decrease your body fat. You will develop and tone your muscles while gaining flexibility and mobility. You will notice an increase in your endurance while learning real world self defense. Tang Soo Do can also decrease stress in your life and increase your mental clarity and focus all while having a great time in our adult friendly atmosphere.

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