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defense against kick and bat strikes

This video shows the hard and soft style of martial arts found in Tang Soo Do.  The initial kick is blocked with a hard cross-hand block.  The softer side can be seen in the way the momentum of the attacker is used against him.  Using the attacker’s momentum, his downward motion is turned into a throw followed by an armbar which locks his elbow and allows the defender to control the attacker.

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never retreat

How many times I have found myself thinking ” I just don’t feel like it any more, it’s not exciting and fun any more,  I have too many other things pulling at me”, etc..   These are the times it would have been easy to leave Tang Soo Do.  Fortunately when I needed it, I could turn to my instructor and get help getting through these times and to keep chugging along. Eventually I would find the joy that I thought was gone.  Everyone goes through these times and sometimes need help getting past them.  But the alternative is to quit.  These moments are not restricted to Tang Soo Do training.  They can happen in all areas of our lives.  The choices remain the same however….. keep chugging along     ( never retreat in battle)  or quit.